Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament: The Men of 2011 

Anglophenia has a poll to decide the “favorite British TV and movie stars of 2011” OF ALL TIME! (we may have added that last bit.)

Ten, Eleven, Captain Jack, and The Master are in play but b/c this has been publicized primarily through the tweeter and teh facebooks, some of our boys are losing.

Also, some of you will be very upset to learn that someone really important, your favorite companion, is missing from the list…

… there’s no Wilfred.

Doctor Who related poll links are here:

+ Matt Smith vs James McAvoy

+ David Tennant vs Damian Lewis

+ John Barrowman vs Ewan McGregor

Benedict Cumberbatch vs John Simm

Which guy is the ultimate Anglophile fan favorite of 2011? Colin Firth or Sean Bean? David Tennant or Damian Lewis? Ricky Gervais or Simon Pegg?

The choice is yours: we’re pitting 32 of Britain’s (and a couple of Ireland’s) most popular male TV and movie stars against each in a battle for supremacy.

And we’re doing it tournament style: each week you’ll vote for winners in a set of matchups, whittling down the field until there is one man standing — the Champion.

Rally the troops, lobby your fanbases — there’s a title on the line! (We’ll cover the Women of 2011 later this year.) Round 1 voting ends Thursday at 11 am ET.

It’s…’s too hard to choose!!!!!!

MY DOCTOR IS LOSING! D: Granted it’s to a worthy opponent, but still. MATT SMITH FOREVER.